Competition is the heart of basketball, and we embrace it in a positive and constructive way. Our program fosters a competitive spirit that encourages athletes to push their limits, learn from both wins and losses, and develop resilience.

positive competition


Basketball is not just a solo sport; it's a team effort. We place a high value on teamwork and camaraderie within our program. Players learn to communicate effectively, trust their teammates, and work together towards a common goal. 



We believe that strong fundamentals are the foundation of success on the court. Our coaching staff is dedicated to helping players of all ages and skill levels refine their basketball skills.

skill development


At Zionsville Boys Basketball, we're more than just a youth basketball program; we're a basketball community that spans across generations. Whether you're a young aspiring athlete in second grade, a middle schooler, a seasoned high school player, or an alumni who once wore our jersey with pride, we welcome you to our vibrant basketball family.

Logan Imes
Class of 2023

Nick Richart
Class of 2023

Being able to play in the Zionsville basketball system under coach Howell and the staff was the best thing for my development I could’ve asked for. They’ve helped me grow immensely as a player and person and I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in today without their guidance and the support of the whole Zionsville basketball family. Forever an Eagle!

After being introduced to a college system, I can confidently say coach Howell and Zionsville’s program has prepared me to play college basketball. The emphasis on character and culture has and always will translate to the next level. I appreciate everything the Zionsville staff has done for me as a player and a person as they prepared me for the college game.

Dylan Ritter
Class of 2021

Zionsville basketball was and always will be family to me! Coach Howell and the rest of the staff helped me grow immensely both on and off the floor. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without them. 

Class of 1995

I loved playing for the Eagles. As always, the best experiences are defined by the people. And I’m so thankful for the coaches and teammates I had in Zionsville.  

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